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Michael's® Blood Pressure Factors™
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Maintaining healthy blood pressure is of interest to many people.

Regulation of blood pressure is constantly monitored through what is known as a ‘negative feedback loop”. 

Specific nutrients have been identified as beneficial for supporting this process in the following three key areas: 

the cardiovascular system, the nervous system, and fluid balance

A number of these nutrients play multiple roles.   This formula provides those nutrients in meaningful amounts.


       Calcium – transmission of nerve impulses; neuromuscular activity
       Magnesium – relaxes smooth muscle; involved in calcium/potassium metabolism
       Potassium –nerve communication; sodium/fluid balance
       Manganese – protects mitochondria in high energy tissues from free radical damage
       (Remember: Stress compromises minerals and that can lead to imbalances.)


        Vitamin D – calcium absorption
        Vitamin B6 – proper function of pressure-sensitive nerve and cardiac muscle cells


        Hawthorne Berry – traditional heart tonifier
        Cayenne – relaxes smooth muscle
        Garlic – lowers circulating fats
        Valerian & Hops – relaxants
        Celery Seed – nerve support and traditional use for help with fluid balance


        Apple pectin – a soluble fiber; aids in the removal of fats and toxins

     Amino Acid Taurine - found in high concentration in electrically active tissues such as the heart.  It supports healthy
          fluid levels and participates in detoxification as part of bile acids

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