Digestive Enzymes Supplements

Digestive Enzymes Supplements – To put it simply, enzymes are life. Our bodies use enzymes in a multitude of daily functions, both those we produce ourselves and those we must ingest. We need enzymes to maintain the integrity of cells, blood, muscles, bones and tissue. Your immune system and organs depend on a healthy daily supply of enzymes; in fact, every part of your body absolutely requires enzymes. Your ability to get nutrients out of your food and turn that food into energy is directly affected by the amount (or lack of) enzymes in your system.
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So where do we get these valuable enzymes?  Many we produce through the pancreas and other glands. But as we age, our body’s ability to manufacture these enzymes declines (as it seems so many things do). The other major source is through raw foods. Cooking, pasteurizing, even preserving, all destroy any active enzymes that may be found in the food. Raw foods inherently have all the live enzymes in them needed to be digested, a very natural cycle of life. Fresh fruits and vegetables, even sushi, will provide you with an abundance of nutritional enzymes. But, our reality is that we do cook our foods, much of which can come from another continent, reducing its freshness. We rush through our meals, ignoring our mother’s plea to chew our food. People often believe that digestion occurs when food is introduced into the stomach and consumed by stomach acid. But, what happens first is that food is broken up and “pre-digested” in the mouth and the fundus of the stomach (the top part), breaking down food into minute quantities. Seventy-five percent of your digestion should be completed before acid is introduced into the process and this slurry is moved down into the intestines for complete nutrient assimilation. If there is an inadequate amount of enzymes in the food or in the stomach and small intestine, then food is not broken down enough.

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