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Hints for a Good Clean Lifestyle

Apr 25, 2014

Hints for a Good Clean Lifestyle

Here are some tried and truthful ideals to live by from Michael.

  • Minimize fried and fatty foods, and dairy as well.
  • No sugar! Seek to eliminate sweet tasting things for awhile so you can break your addiction to sweets across the board.
  • Drink clean water. Personally, I prefer and recommend distilled water over everything else.
  • Eat lots of salads made with organic ingredients. The less possibility of cellular corruption.
  • Cosmetics should be clean enough to eat out of the jar because whatever you put on your skin, you are eating. It is entering your bloodstream via the skin.
  • Surround yourself with positive thinking and acting. That includes how you speak to people.
  • Exercise as often as you can. It brings more oxygen into your body. Your brain needs oxygen. In fact, 25% of what you inhale goes to nourish your brain.

Got a hint you’d like to share?

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