Let’s Get Healthy: Choosing a Diet

On my iPad, I get U.S. and World news. There was an article on diets that I found interesting. A U.S. News panel of diet and nutrition experts examined the top five diet plans for 2013 that offer either weight loss goals or treatment of specific health conditions. They include the Acid Alkaline diet, which promises pH balance control through an alkaline-rich diet. “There’s no scientific research to back up any of the claims,” one panelist said. “No data. No follow up. No sale.” The truth, however, is the more stress, the more the tendency to gravitate to your comfort food — sugar, carbs, etc. What is not realized is that everything on your plate is part of your comfort zone. You have an emotional attachment to everything on your plate. The more ethnic, traditional or cultural your diet is, the harder it will be to change it. So what to  do. Start small. See where you are. Make a list of what you have for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Includes the snacks you do and what time of the day you eat them. With this information in hand, you will be able to see what is working for you, and against you. The goal is to slowly change out the bad and increase the good. Slowly though. Assist your body in its efforts to get healthy and slim down. The best approach in addition to changing diet, exercising and altering lifestyle is supporting the entire process with supplementation. There are many supplements on the market today. Look for combinations of nutrients. You want to make sure the formula has Iodine for the Thyroid – and Tyrosine, Manganese and B6 as these are essential for the production of triiodothyronine and thyroxine, the hormones that regulate the body.  The bottom line is the best diet is to create a balanced, disciplined approach to healthy meals, supplements and exercise into your lifestyle. What works for you?

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