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Welcome to my blog “Let’s Get Healthy”!

Feb 18, 2014

Welcome to my blog “Let’s Get Healthy”!

I’m all about being healthy in the “here and now” and laying a foundation for active, healthy aging. For me EVERYTHING begins with finding understandings and then building on them to get the whole picture. Said differently, the whole understanding about what is needed, and why and where to get it. As a mind/body and nutritional consultant, I saw great results on what nutrition can do through the use of supplemental programs I suggested for my clients. Part of the program is diet and exercise. It can be as simple as walking around the block. So to begin, I would like to share aspects of the program with you on your journey toward better health.

Where To Begin. Everything starts with the diet. The more fresh and raw fruits and veggies in your diet, the better. Of course, if you can get organic that is a better way to go. No chemicals means less cellular damage. Most chemicals are considered toxins by the body. The only question is how polluted are we, and to what areas and what level. So examine the toxins in inferior products. Inferior products range from food to furniture to cleaning products to clothing. For instance, if you have your house painted or re-carpeted, or you just moved into a new home — the walls, ceiling and floors are outgassing. Now your body has to deal with the new influx of toxins. Because we live in pollution (indoors and out), a person needs to nutritionally support their blood cleansing abilities because blood is the life of the body. It carries food to the cells and it removes the waste for disposal. So if you begin to work at a physical level, then supplementation and organically grown living foods would be the ideal diet — along with nuts, grains, seeds, and berries. For non-vegetarians, here are some “Let’s Get Healthy” guidelines to follow:

  • For meat eaters, seek to find free-range grass fed sources.
  • For fowl, choose turkey over chicken – it has less fat
  • Fish – choose deep-sea fish with scales, avoid or limit shellfish, farm-raised anything and fresh water fish.
  • Lastly, reduce dairy consumption. Chicken and dairy fat contain the toxin residue from their feed. Their bodies work like ours. When a toxin cannot be broken down biochemically, the body stores it in fat. This process takes place inside the liver. Fat is used as a way of protecting the basic cells so health can be maintained. Therefore, the fat becomes a storage container.

Healthy Body. Healthy Mind. Through nourishing the body and training the cells to desire nutrients, you can attain a physical and mental state of well being. This healthy awareness will enhance your energy, and can inspire you and give you the resources to work at fixing aspects of society. Then, through a societal change there would be an environmental change. And through environmental change, we would have different results than what is being forecasted for our future. And it all begins with having healthy thoughts as well as a healthy body. The less pollution the higher the evolution.

We Are Here To Evolve.  By starting with the body through a healthy diet, the truth is you can help change the world. Enlightenment or understanding can grow from expanded awareness — looking at things from a different point of view. And through that view, changes occur, and the commonality of man and woman can be seen and built upon. We have more in common with each other than we can imagine regardless of the country or the language spoken. So what are you evolving to?

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