Awards for Products

Women's Health Essentials Award 2024

For Women won this award in the category of Women's Health Essentials.


Women's Health Essentials Award 2023

Female Reproductive Factors™  won this award in the category of Women's Health Essentials.

Women Essentials Award


Immunity Essentials Award Winner 2017:Immunity Essential Award Taste For Life

Quick Immune Support won this award in the category of Immunity Essentials.

From The TasteForLife Website:

"Quick Immune Response delivers immunity boosters such as garlic, zinc, vitamin C, echinacea,"

Best of Supplements Awards Winner 2015:

Sleep Factors won this award in the category of Sleep!

From The Website:

"Get to sleep and stay asleep with the help of this proprietary (and powerful!) blend that includes 5-HTP, melatonin, hops, passionflower, and inositol."

Best of Supplements Awards Winner 2012:

Adrenal Xtra Energy Support won this award in the category of Blood Sugar Balance!

From The Website:

"Adrenal Xtra Energy Support™. Adrenal support is key for boosting your energy. This blend of adrenal nutrients and herbs, such as ashwagandha and rhodiola, delivers lasting energy."

Best of Supplements Awards
Winner 2011:

Michael's® Naturopathic Programs Cardio Pack+ Why we love it: It offers the top heart health nutrients—CoQ10, fish oil, vitamin D3, and resveratrol—in a convenient 4-pill daily packet.

Best of Supplements Awards Winner 2010:

Sugar Metabolism Factors won this award in the category of Blood Sugar Balance!

From The Website:

"Michael's® Naturopathic Sugar Metabolism Factors with Nopales, Advanced Formula. Nutrients such as chromium, essential fatty acids, bitter melon, and gymnema help support your body's production of insulin, pancreas function, and utilization of glucose."

Tie Winner for Heart / Cardio Support:

Blood Pressure Factors™ by Michael's® Naturopathic Programs

Blood Pressure Factors™ is a synergistic blend formulated to support healthy blood pressure already in normal range in a multi-faceted approach. Blood Pressure Factors supports proper osmosis, a foundational issue in blood pressure. The formula also provides the nutrients that support the functioning of the negative feedback loop that the body uses to monitor blood pressure.


From the Vitamin Retailer® Magazine:


"Because we believe no one is better qualified to determine the industry's best-selling products than the people who sell them, Vitamin Retailer® once again polled its retailer readers on their top selling products and best sales and merchandising support.

What started in the 1990s has evolved into one of the most sought-after awards in the natural products industry. The 2010 Vity Awards represent a random sampling of retailers across the country conducted earlier in the year. This year there are nearly 50 categories, and the winners were, as always, based on the number of votes in each category.

The 2010 winners represent products and services for which health food retailers have voted and for which customers have voted with their pocketbooks.

Vitamin Retailer® would like to thank the retailers who supported this year's Vity Awards with their time and input and congratulate all the winning manufacturers.

Product descriptions are provided by the manufacturers and do not reflect the viewpoint of Vitamin Retailer.®