13 Healthy Halloween Treat Ideas for Kids and Adults

Halloween is a fun holiday for many, and it’s hard to think about “spooky time” without candy corn and other delicious candy. But what if you want to celebrate with healthy Halloween treats this year? 

We’ve got you covered with some nutritious (but tasty!) ideas that both kids and adults will love. Whether you want to have some healthy Halloween snacks, fun treats for a party, or an alternative to Halloween candy, here are some of the best options. 

1. Halloween-Themed Chocolate Bark

Chocolate bark is excellent any time of year, but you can make it extra fun (and healthy) for Halloween. 

Melt dark chocolate on the stove or in the microwave, spread it onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, sprinkle some Halloween goodies on top, and freeze for about 15 minutes. 

You can add just about anything to this — from candy corn to chopped almonds, peanuts, freeze-dried edamame, or pretzel pieces. Follow this recipe to boost the nutrition further with crunchy quinoa.

2. Fruit Salad with Halloween Shapes

Give your everyday fruit salad an upgrade with Halloween-themed shapes. Cut wide slices of fruits like watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple, and apples. Use small cookie cutters to cut out spooky shapes, then fill in the salad with other colorful fruits like kiwis, strawberries, blackberries, and clementine orange slices.

3. Frozen Banana Ghost Pops

This healthy Halloween treat feels decadent, even though it’s good for you!

Cut bananas in half, then cut those halves long-ways to create the ghosts. (Here’s a Halloween banana popsicle recipe that shows you how.) Stick popsicle sticks into the “ghosts,” dip them in vanilla Greek yogurt, and freeze them. Drizzle with some melted dark chocolate or peanut butter.

You could also dip the bananas in white chocolate for a little extra sweetness and still provide a healthier treat than candy.

4. Mummy Crackers

Make healthy Halloween snacks for after school with spooky crackers. Take some whole grain crackers, top them with shredded mozzarella for the mummy bandages, and add two black olive slices each for the eyes.

5. Spooky Roasted Veggies

Make vegetables more fun by cutting them into Halloween shapes like witches’ hats, pumpkins, and ghosts before roasting in the oven. Root veggies like Russet potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, and beets are best for this. 

6. Healthier Cutout Cookies

Want to make some of those classic Halloween cookies but without all the sugar? Use this cookie recipe that includes beans and coconut sugar for a more nutritious option. You can still cut them into shapes and decorate them as usual. Both kids and adults will love it.

7. Cheese Pumpkins

Make little pumpkins by forming soft cheese into balls, adding grooves on the sides as pumpkins have, and adding a piece of celery or pretzel on top for the stem. Eat them alone or with your favorite healthy crackers!

8. Candy Corn-Colored Fruit Cups

This one is super simple but looks fancy. Cut up some pineapple and oranges, add them to pretty glasses in that order, and top with some whipped cream. You have a candy corn-themed fruit treat!

9. Spooky Popcorn Hands

Take some non-latex gloves and fill them with air-popped popcorn. But first, add something fun into the fingers for the “nails,” such as candy corn pieces, almond slices, or raisins. Tie off the end before serving them to everyone.

10. Clementine Orange Pumpkins

Did you ever realize how clementine oranges are the perfect shape for pumpkins in disguise? Peel some of these tasty little fruits and add a slice of celery on top for the stem. Easy peasy.

11. Jack O' Lantern Veggie Platter

For this one, just take some veggies and arrange them into the shape of a jack o’ lantern. Baby carrots can make up the pumpkin, sliced cucumbers can form the mouth, and a mini pepper can create the nose, and the eyes can be two little cups of ranch (or some other dip).

12. Frankenstein Veggie Platter

This platter uses the same idea as above — but shaped like Frankenstein’s monster instead. 

Form snap peas or broccoli pieces into a rectangle for the face, add mini cucumber slices for the eyes, and use black olives for the hair, eye pupils, and mouth.

13. Eyeballs on a Log

You’ve probably heard of ants on a log. Who hasn’t? It’s the same idea here — sliced celery filled with peanut butter — but with edible candy eyes instead of raisins along the top.

A healthy Halloween doesn’t have to be boring. Whether you’re indulging in the candy or staying away this year, these healthy Halloween treats for kids and adults will provide some extra nutrition as you enjoy the festivities.

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