The basics of
Naturopathic Programs
The Principles of Naturopathy

Seemingly simple in design, the principles of naturopathy represent concepts that have significant implications for our health. Together these four concepts forge a synergistic alliance. The concept of synergy was first expounded upon by Buckminster Fuller, inventor of the geodesic dome, who defined synergy as "the behavior of whole systems unpredicted by the behavior of their parts". He considered synergy to be a basic principle of all interactive systems. This applies directly to Naturopathy.


Utilizing the concepts of Naturopathy as the foundation for treatment helps to bring the body back into a homeostasis, a state of balance.

By providing needed nutrients, the body can utilize its capacity to address stressors that create pressure to pull the body out of balance. The innate wisdom of the body can restore health.

Naturopathy acknowledges the powerful and often untapped ability of the body to heal itself.

First Do No Harm

The first of these principles or tenets is to first do no harm. By providing nutrients, not drugs or other treatments, the body has what it needs to re-establish the health of the individual without any ‘cost’. The ‘cost’ in this case is a negative impact on the person from the treatment modality itself, i.e., side effects from pharmaceutical drugs. 

Find the Cause

The second principle is to find the cause of the health concern. To accurately select the correct course of treatment the specific cause must be determined. If this is not done, the result may be merely  treating symptoms. This can result in a delay in pursuing the most effective course of treatment.

Treat the Whole Person

Thirdly, treat the whole person. Treatments solely focused on symptom relief may not address all the factors as they relate to the core issues. Many components can impact an individual’s health concerns, going beyond what appear to be the direct causes. These can include not only physical signs of disease but others including for example, emotional concerns. There may also be contributing factors that are centered in an area of the body that at first might seem unrelated to the issue at hand.

Utilize the Healing Power of Nature

The fourth principle is to honor the immense healing power of nature. This healing power exists in each person and is also found in the gifts provided by nature as the nutrients in our foods from a vast array of sources. Again, given the essential nutrients, our bodies can perform a virtually limitless range of healing functions.

Michael’s® Health incorporates the basic tenets of naturopathy. This is reflected in the consistent effectiveness over time.