Stressed Out? The 3 Minerals Your Body Needs

Life is wonderful, scary, inspiring, debilitating, invigorating and sometimes uncertain. The truth is, life is what you make it. It's the result of your belief system in action. That being said, one of the most common things we all deal with that has a profound effect on our health is stress.

There are two types of stress: physical and emotional. I see emotional stress as the result of how you respond to what you see and hear. The responses are based on your belief system which is those ideals, standards and values you live by. Take a deep breath and think about them. In fact, it would be a good exercise to write down how you feel about things that come to your mind today.

Here’s why it's important to understand what causes you stress. Stress taxes the adrenal glands. When that happens, three things take place at the same time. One, your blood pressure elevates. Two, your immune system begins to falter, and lastly, you lose the ability to control the sugar in your blood stream.

Three minerals are compromised by stress; calcium, magnesium and zinc. The depletion of these minerals can have dramatic consequences. For example, when calcium is compromised it creates an imbalance between sodium and potassium. This will cause the body to begin to retain water. That water retention will put pressure on the arterial system thus raising blood pressure.

Along the same lines, when magnesium is depleted, the negative feedback system that regulates blood pressure cannot function properly and blood pressure will remain high. Finally, zinc is vital to the construction of insulin. Stress may be one of the causes for the rise in diabetes from two different angles. One, the poor production of insulin and two, the eating of comfort foods which are usually filled with sugar, therefore creating an overload in the blood stream.

It's a good idea to fortify the adrenals against stress so that they continue to function at optimal levels. Two nutrients found in abundance within the adrenal glands are pantothenic acid and Vitamin C.

What are the stresses you deal with on a daily basis? What are the true causes?  What are the subconscious concepts that may make you believe you can’t handle those types of stress? If you haven’t examined questions like these before, you might want to. It may help you to deal better with that wonderful, scary, inspiring, debilitating, invigorating and sometimes uncertain life of yours.

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