5 Lifestyle Changes for Healthier, Happier Skin

You’ve probably heard that our skin is the largest organ of the body! It not only protects our insides, but also covers the face we present to the world. Just like the rest of our body, how we live has a big impact on the appearance and function of our skin.

We’ve talked about what helps acne in this post. Today we’re going a little bit deeper to address tips for healthier skin all around, from wrinkles to acne to dryness. Below are five lifestyle choices that can greatly impact the way our skin looks and feels, especially as we get older:

#1 Eat and Drink for Skin Health

We can’t completely stop wrinkles and aging, but eating well can help us age with grace and enjoy glowing skin. Getting plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables every day helps build up and support our immune system.

Also, focus on foods and/or supplements with vitamin C, vitamin E and calcium, which are great for the skin. Vitamin A and zinc are also beneficial, especially for those with acne. Other supplements that support healthy skin include:

  • Biotin
  • Rosemary (can be used in supplement form or fresh for cooking)
  • Grape seed extract
  • Red clover flower
  • Resveratrol
  • Pycnogenol

Besides foods and supplements, drink plenty of water! It keeps skin hydrated and looking better. When our skin is dehydrated, it can cause more oil production that leads to dry or irritated skin and breakouts.

#2 Don’t Get Too Friendly With the Sun

Laying out in the sun feels great and natural, but we know that too much of it is damaging. In fact, around 90% of skin damage people have is from the sun, so be careful when enjoying its rays.

Try to avoid being outside too long between the hours of 10am and 2pm, when rays are the strongest. Wear wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses, and use a non-toxic sunscreen when spending time outside.

#3 Cleanse and Exfoliate

There’s a lot of junk in our modern environment, and our skin is exposed to all of it. Plus, as we get older our skin loses some elasticity as it produces less collagen and doesn’t recycle skin cells as fast.

One of the best ways to cleanse and promote cell turnover is by exfoliating daily. There are a lot of natural sea salt- or sugar-based scrubs you can buy, or look up easy recipes to make your own!

#4 Ditch Tobacco

Smoking is an actual toxin and bad for health in general, but also for our skin. It’s one of the worst causes of dry skin and premature wrinkles, as it reduces blood flow and speeds the breakdown of collagen. For those who still consume tobacco, now is the best time to stop.

#5 Rest and Think Positively

How we move through and think about life has an impact on our overall well-being, including our skin. We should give ourselves time each day to rest, meditate and reflect on what’s good in life. That alone can brighten up our image and how we show up daily in the world.

The Bottom Line

Our health is often reflected in the health of our skin. Giving it the necessary nutrients, protection and attention to thrive is one of the best ways we can care for ourselves and promote a healthy, vital appearance as we get older.

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