Anxiety can have multiple causes. Fundamentally, all of the causes for anxiety lie within the subconscious mind, because anxiety, as stress, is the result of how a person responds to what they see and hear.

Most of us have no idea what is really going on in our subconscious mind; only of what we are consciously aware. Consequently, we are responding to stimuli throughout the day that could make us anxious, not to mention the tendency of people to live either in the past or in the future. It seems that hardly anyone lives in the present.

Living in the past or projecting into the future can make one prone to uncertainty or regret . You could be anxious about a past action and uncertain about a future endeavor. These would cause anxiety.

Whenever there is stress, it is going to do multiple things: affect the adrenal glands, in which case not only does your blood pressure go up because of the stress factor and the anxiety, but your immune system also begins to crash, along with your adrenals, so that its efficacy is no longer top notch. This is one of the reasons why people are prone to illness when they are stressed out and anxious. It is easier to catch a cold when your immune system has diminished affect, along with your adrenal glands.

The way around all of this is to support the adrenal glands. This is accomplished with the use of both pantothenic acid and Vitamin C. These are the two main nutrients that support your adrenal glands. Additionally, pantothenic acid is essential because it is the precursor to coenzyme A, which stimulates energy production in the mitochondria within the cell. Pantothenic acid, through another chemical conversion, also becomes pantethine, which is something that helps to emulsify cholesterol and other fats.

In addition to supporting the adrenals, make sure that minerals are a part of your program. These are best taken in the evening, half an hour before retiring. The reason for this is that anxiety causes the minerals calcium, magnesium and zinc to become greatly reduced, which will have its own set of problems such as cramping and palpitations. Also, as zinc is diminished it means that insulin production and the immune system could be affected.

Take a high potency B complex vitamin formula. Stress can deplete these vitamins and compromise your minerals. If you take a B complex formula, you will know you have ample nutrition to help your body support itself in dealing with these issues.

Minerals play an important role in the transmission of impulses between the nerves and the muscles. Minerals are part of all body tissues and fluids and are important factors in keeping physiological processes going. They act in nerve responses, muscle contractions, regulating electrolyte balance and the making of hormones.

The following information is provided to help you better understand the role that certain nutrients play in the overall health of the nerves and muscles of the body.

Calcium is a mineral which is necessary for healthy, strong bones and teeth. Other functions of the calcium ion include its influence in neuromuscular excitability, cellular, and transmission of nerve impulses.

Magnesium is essential for the normal metabolism of potassium and calcium.

Valerian Root, Skullcap and Hops are great nervines. They are excellent for calming and relaxing.

As a nutritional consultant, I incorporate looking at health situations from the emotional perspective, as well as the nutritional one, and I have found that anxiety is brought on by doubt. To resolve your anxiety you need to ask yourself certain questions such as “What makes me anxious? What am I facing that I don't feel I have the capability to handle, let alone control or master it?”

Consider what you are facing and make a list of the things that make you anxious about it. Get a blank piece of paper and in the left column write down what it is about each item on the list that makes you anxious. In the right column write down why you believe that to be true about yourself. Where does that belief come from, what concept?

Remember, you are never placed in a situation you cannot master.

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