Branching Out the Family Tree: Improving Reproductive Health

Can the reproductive system be nourished to become fertile?

Every system, gland, organ and function in the body REQUIRES nutrients to be able to perform and function properly. The question is, can we feed ourselves enough so that they perform at optimal levels? The answer is yes … and no.

Nourishment and support to your reproductive system can be attained through the use of high potency multiple vitamin and mineral combinations in addition to a nutrient-dense whole food and organic food diet. When you provide the right nutrients essential for supporting a healthy conception and pregnancy, you will have results.

The body requires nine (9) factors for excellent health. They are: fats, carbohydrates, protein, air, water, light, vitamins, minerals and, just as important as the others, attitude. A good attitude goes a long way in the promotion of good health.

Vitamins are technically classified as co-enzymes and your body is in a constant state of manufacturing enzymes for its proper functioning. As long as you are feeding your body probiotics and foods rich in the B vitamins and supplementing with a high potency B complex in your multi, you should be in good shape.

There is a belief in the health food industry that once you reach a certain age your body no longer makes enough enzymes for its needs. Personally, I think this is nothing more than a sales pitch because it make no sense whatsoever.

Here’s why. I find it hard to believe that this magnificent temple would be designed with a built-in defect. True we will all die, however that is part of the natural aging process. All conditions that the body experiences are the result of many factors, such as emotional states of being, dietary habits, lifestyles and, the ultimate effector, stress.

In my practice I have found that some couples cannot conceive despite everything appearing to be right because of unspoken emotional issues. Here are a few considerations I have found: house/apartment not big enough; not sure of the relationship lasting; not enough money; career more important and not ready for a family.

There are many things that can affect fertilization. If you nutritionally fortify your body and communicate your true emotional feelings and your thoughts and come to peace with them, I don’t see a reason why a couple would not be able to share and enjoy the bliss of parenthood.

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