Can You Lick Your Sugar Habit?

We all know that sugar is not a healthy substance. It might taste great and adds a dimension of enjoyment to everything we put it on or in, but it is one of the major ingredients that leads to diseases.

We know it affects our teeth, can add weight and cause diabetes, just to name a few issues. So we turn to artificial sweeteners. But some of those have been linked to other problems within the body.

How to get and stay healthy

Train your palate to enjoy foods without sweetening them. Most organic foods have a sweet taste when eaten raw. Stop feeding yourself and your children gummi foods. You are training them to have a sweet tooth and crave sugar in everything as they grow older.

Here are some reasons to avoid sugars:

  • Can suppress your immune system
  • Can impair mineral assimilation
  • Can increase bad cholesterol and decrease good cholesterol
  • Sugars feed cancer … and the list goes on and on.

What to do?

Examine your cupboard and supplements. See if you are ingesting sugars and what kind they are. You can tell an ingredient is a sugar if it has an “ose” ending, e.g. fructose, sucrose, etc. Keep in mind that the foods you eat are turned to sugar as a matter of providing your body with fuel.

If you want to get to the truth of sugar, I recommend the book “Lick the Sugar Habit” by Nancy Appleton, Ph.D.

Are you ready to kick the habit?

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