The Science Behind Our Supplements

Gender-specific supplements are not new. They began over 25 years ago. But perhaps you don’t know that it was Michael’s® Health that introduced this new supplement category to the marketplace. Today, many major companies have added gender-specific supplements to their line. But it began with us. Here’s the science behind our supplements.

Why Gender-Specific?

Back in the day, my wife and I were both taking the same multivitamin made by the company I was working for at the time. Unfortunately, the formula made my wife sick. So, when I started Michael’s® Health, some of the first supplements we produced were separate multivitamins for each gender. The multivitamins For Men and For Women came first. Later we introduced Teen and Pre-Teen multivitamins for boys and girls.

We knew that a woman’s nutritional needs are different from that of a man. And what a teen needs in the developmental stage is significantly different than what a child needs.

These formulas were (and still are) intentionally made with meaningful amounts of the B complex nutrients, especially the nutrients known for their fat and cholesterol-metabolizing properties.

Why We Don’t Combine Our Vitamins and Minerals

Several other aspects of our formulas made them unique at the time — and still are today.

For instance, these formulas were not vitamins combined with minerals. Minerals are best taken at night as a separate multi-mineral. Calcium and magnesium can help you sleep better and should be taken during the evening hours when you are in a relaxed and restorative state, when your body is rebuilding. The major minerals calcium, magnesium and potassium are electrolytes that allow energy to flow through the nerve lines unimpeded so all of the cells do the necessary work to repair and maintain a healthy body.

The Bottom Line

That’s the science behind our supplements. Take a look at your life and activities. Are you getting enough of the B vitamins to deal with the levels of stress you’re experiencing? Are you getting adequate amounts of minerals to help your body maintain homeostasis? Asking these questions and more are important in finding the right supplement for you.

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