Getting Results – How Long Before I Get Results with High Potency Supplements?

This is a question I hear often, especially in my consultations. Of course, there are many variables that can affect the answer. The first consideration is the current nutritional status of your body. This means how much of each of the vital nutrients you have in your system at any given moment. Keep in mind that it changes based on the amount of stress you are confronting at the time.

Another factor that affects results is the environmental circumstances in which you may find yourself. For instance, a person who works around fumes, regardless of the source, will have an extra load on their detoxifying and cleansing systems. The person who works with liquid chemicals that end up on the skin is another issue, since those chemicals will seep into the blood stream, again creating another load on the detoxing system.

One of the key factors that is hardly ever mentioned is the emotional state of the person. When a person is upbeat, even though dealing with a situation, the recovery time will be faster. On the other hand, if you are depressed or feel overwhelmed by the situation, it will impede recovery time.

Each individual will have specific requirements based on current health status. If you are trying to bring balance and harmony to a situation through the use of supplements in conjunction with meds, the results will be determined by the potency of the supplement. Because of this understanding, I always recommend high potency supplements.

With the use of high potency supplements you will at least, in most cases, be flooding your body with the nutrients needed. Of course, that assumes that the formula you are taking is providing the correct nutrients that are proper for the situation.

It has been said by the medical community that a lot of what you take is eliminated in the urine. There is some truth to that statement. However, I would have you think that for the little bit of extra nutrients that you might be urinating out, you are receiving greater benefits from the amounts you are absorbing. Isn’t it better for the body to have enough to choose from?

I have had clients who are on low dose supplements tell me they know they are getting 100% absorption because their urine is clear. Yes, that too is true. However, that does not mean that you are getting everything you need and that nutritional balance will be restored and harmony demonstrated by good health.

Keep in mind that no one gets sick overnight. It is something that is in the making and it takes time to manifest. The longer the body is nutritionally compromised, the sooner a situation will appear.

With all that said, it would be difficult to give an exact time frame. Most will notice a difference within the first two weeks (10-21 days) of use of high potency supplements. This assumes you have the right formula for your needs and that the level of stress has not increased or environmental circumstances have not gotten worse.

For others it may take longer until they build up the nutrient that is below baseline. Once all nutrients needed for a particular situation reach baseline then the results will be seen and experienced.

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