Healthy Aging: Do These 5 Things Daily

We all get older; it’s an inevitable part of life. But aging doesn’t need to be something we try to avoid. In fact, you don’t have to feel older as you age—no matter what that age is.

We’ve talked before about what you can do to possibly increase your chances of living longer. Now, let’s go over some ways you can embrace healthy aging and make positive changes at any time of life.

5 Vibrant Tips for Healthy Aging

We’re living longer than ever these days. This means we have more time to enjoy life—but only if we take care of ourselves so we can feel good through our golden years.

Obviously, eating well and getting regular exercise are important for healthy aging. Most people know that, so let’s look at some other less-expected ways to enjoy life as you get older.

#1 Act the Age You Want to Feel

Don’t use your age as an excuse for not doing something you want to do or acting as vivacious as you want to act! Think about the age when you felt your best in life. Picture yourself at that age and let yourself feel that young and lively all over again.

Age is truly just a number—you can feel good no matter what that number is. You may not physically have the same amount of energy, but tapping into the mindset of youthfulness can go a long way.

You can also adopt the attitude and posture of youth:

  • Stand up with a straight spine, imagining there’s a string running from your tailbone to the very top of your head.
  • Keep your shoulders down and back, your chest out, and core tight.
  • Walk confidently with the gait of a healthy person excited about life. Others will feed off that energy!
  • Start a daily workout routine or do regular yoga to help maintain strong muscles and good posture with each year.
#2 Practice Positivity Every Day

Positivity keeps us happier and may even help us live longer. As humans, we’re prone to seeing the negative first, so practicing positivity helps us focus on the good.

Make an effort to voice positive statements when you speak with others and within your own self-talk. If you notice yourself complaining out loud or to yourself, catch what you’re saying and shift towards the positive instead.

Over time, you’ll be surprised how much easier it gets to see the good in each situation and have a more positive outlook as a whole.

#3 Be Intentional With Who You’re Around

Typically the longer we’re on this earth, the more we learn which relationships are good for us and which aren’t. Getting older provides us with opportunities to evaluate the people we spend time with.

Are those around you negative and complaining more often than not, or do they support and build you up? Seek people who exude the positivity you want to attract and send out.

Loneliness is also a big health risk, so relationships are really important for healthy aging. If you feel lonely during this time of life, find ways to be around positive people more:

  • Join local interests groups, such as a local walking group, to make friends who enjoy things you do.
  • Volunteer where you can in your community.
  • Be around people of all ages, include young people so you’re around that youthful energy.
  • Call people in your life you haven’t spoken to in a while and see if they want to meet up for coffee or have a video chat.
#4 Make Time for Things You Enjoy

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do but never made time for earlier in life? It’s never too late to start! Whether that’s learning to paint, taking music lessons, enrolling in college classes or writing a book, start making it happen.

Do things that keep you constantly learning and expressing yourself. Fulfillment and growth are so good for longevity and healthy aging.

#5 Get Regular Checkups (Annually)

Lastly, don’t forget about your annual health screening exams. Healthy aging includes prevention. Ideally with a healthy lifestyle, you won’t need to go to the doctor so much, but physicals are important to double check that everything is okay.

The Bottom Line

Aging doesn’t need to mean breaking down, having less energy, or feeling less well. You can support your own healthy aging by focusing on young energy, doing things you love, and surrounding yourself with positive people. Age is just a number, and there’s never a bad time to be healthy and feel good!

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