Healthy Easter Basket Ideas

Go to any grocery store at Easter time and you’ll see aisles full of chocolates, candies and chick- and bunny-themed treats. They look yummy, but all the sugar and processed ingredients aren’t great for health. Thankfully, we have some healthy Easter basket ideas to help your family enjoy the holiday in a nutritious (and delicious!) way.

Below are some easy, healthy Easter treat options, a few wholesome recipes that mimic traditional treats, and some non-food items to make your baskets fun and nourishing.

Healthy Easter Basket Ideas: Edible Treats

Here are some healthy yet fun Easter basket options to use in place of traditional candy or chocolates.

Plastic Eggs

You’re probably familiar with the plastic egg shells often used for Easter egg hunting. Choose from a variety of healthy Easter snack ideas for filling them, such as:

  • Healthy homemade trail mix with nuts, unsweetened dried fruit, and dark chocolate chips
  • Fruit leathers or dried fruit
  • Bite-sized fruits like grapes or berries
  • Cocoa-dusted almonds
  • Granola
  • Whole grain goldfish crackers
Dark Chocolate Squares

Grocery stores and drug stores are full of chocolate bunnies and caramel-filled eggs. But just because these items are loaded with dozens of sugars and additives doesn’t mean you can’t have any chocolate for this holiday.

Offer a healthier alternative with some squares of dark chocolate (70 percent or higher is best and has the most health benefits). You can even find dark chocolate bars made with dried fruits or nuts in them for an extra crunch.

Dark Chocolate-Dipped Fruits

Buy a couple of extra dark chocolate bars, melt them in the microwave and dip in some fruit like baby orange slices, strawberries, grapes or banana slices.

Leave the dipped fruits on wax paper to harden or freeze them until ready to use. You can even roll the chocolate-dipped fruit in chopped walnuts, almonds or pistachios.

Easter-Shaped Sandwiches

Add a real meal to the mix by making healthy sandwiches cut in the shape of bunnies like this. Complete the package with baby carrots!

Nut Butter Packets

Brands like Justin’s offer snack packs and serving-size packets of peanut butter, almond butter or hazelnut butter—great served with fresh fruit or veggies like baby carrots or celery sticks.

Hard Boiled Eggs (of course!)

Not only are they fun to decorate with natural dyes, but they add a protein-packed option to your basket.

Healthy Easter Dessert Recipes

If you have a little extra time, there are some great healthier Easter dessert recipes you can make.

Ditch the traditional chocolate and candy bars for these! They’re just as tasty but much lower in sugar and higher in nutrition and natural ingredients.

Non-Edible Healthy Easter Basket Ideas

There are plenty of non-food-related options too. Try adding these to your healthy Easter baskets:

  • Fun flavored lip balms
  • Easter-themed (pastel colors) sidewalk chalk
  • Chick or rabbit stuffed animals
  • Fun kids books
  • Gift cards to a favorite store or movie theater
  • Themed baskets: Center the basket around a fun theme or activity you can all do together, such as camping, sports, or movie night.

More conscious Easter baskets help support your children’s health while still enjoying this meaningful holiday. Get creative with ideas and have fun!

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