10 Healthy Gift Ideas for Dad

With Father’s Day around the corner, thinking up new and creative gift ideas for Dad can be a challenge. So, instead of another tie or coffee mug, how about finding gifts to help the Dad in your life get (or stay) on a healthy path?

Plan an Outdoor Experience or Special Event

Instead of focusing on “stuff”, why not give Dad a special experience or event? Try one of these ideas:

  • A family BBQ with healthy foods. Include a volleyball net for pre-post dinner activities.
  • A family hike where everyone can participate and there is an emphasis on moving! (Don’t forget the sunscreen!)
  • Give Dad tickets to a sporting event or other activity that involves movement (think golf tournaments or tickets to the museum – both involve a lot of walking!)

If a family outing or experience-focused gift isn’t Dad’s cup of tea, here are some other gift ideas to explore.

Healthy-Minded and Practical

Consider borrowing from some of the gift ideas we suggested for Mom:

  • A fitness watch to encourage physical activity.
  • A new gym bag filled with essentials (a new towel, all natural liquid soap and a natural deodorant).
  • A new set of Bluetooth headphones for the gym, a walk or run.

Other ideas can include:

  • A new racquet, golf club, fishing pole, yoga mat – something that drives his passions.
  • Don’t forget shaving tools! Let Dad pamper himself with silky shave cream and aftershave in his favorite scents. Or grab some beard oils if he doesn’t shave! There are many natural lines to choose from.
  • Lastly, include a handwritten note of love and thanks. It’s good for both the heart and the soul.
The Bottom Line

Whatever you do, find that special way of sharing your gratitude and love for the Dad, or Dad figure, in your life this year!

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