How to Cleanse the Blood

Blood is the life of the body. So let’s examine the cleansing process of the blood stream, which is carried out by the body’s detoxification systems. Without these systems, the body would become toxic and be unable to live. The three main detoxification systems of the body are the Respiratory, Defecatory and Urinary systems.

The Respiratory System expels gases from the lungs. Carbon dioxide is the waste gas that is the result of bodily processes and this waste must be expelled from the lungs. Solid organic wastes and dead blood cells are expunged by the Defecatory System, and the remaining waste products, transported by blood plasma, are expelled by the Urinary System.

Old blood cells, waste products and chemicals that are alien to the body are toxic. If the dead cells and other organic waste are not removed from the blood stream, they will create an imbalance in the body. If this occurs, it can affect one’s health.

For the complex operation of the body, the blood requires a constant source of nutrients. Nutrients are essential for feeding the tissues of the body and are necessary to sustain its intricate functions as it constantly reproduces new cells. Each cell requires nutrients for its formation and specific function, and when each cell within the body functions properly, balance and harmony are achieved.

Here are some examples of essential nutrients in the blood’s/body’s cleansing process that I use in my program for providing the factors supporting blood detoxification:

ZINC appears at the active site of carbonic anhydrase, an important enzyme in red blood cells. This enzyme takes carbon dioxide from cells and delivers it to the lungs for expulsion, and also functions in the kidneys and the GI tract. Carbon dioxide generated by metabolism in all cells is removed from the body by red blood cells that convert most of it to bicarbonate for transport, then back to carbon dioxide to be exhaled from the lungs.

MANGANESE participates in the destruction of peroxides and free radicals, and in the detoxification of harmful compounds.

IRON has an essential role in the transportation of oxygen in the body and permits cellular respiration to occur.

MOLYBDENUM is an important mineral for the activation of oxidases within cells. These oxidases detoxify various compounds that play a role in uric acid metabolism and sulfate toxicity.

Look at your diet and lifestyle and try to determine how much pollution and toxins are entering your body. Your assessment will guide you as to how often you would benefit from doing a detox and cleanse program.

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