Keeping A Healthy Immune System

Today we are faced with the fact that our bodies – especially our immune systems – are having a more difficult time defending us. Why is this so? We will touch on two aspects that are instrumental in weakening the immune system.


It has been demonstrated that stress adversely affects the immune system. Stress taxes the adrenal glands, which secrete hormones that carry messages to the other glands on how to perform and/or what to manufacture. All the glands of the body are tied together in a complicated system, and each and every aspect of life within the body is dependent on every other one.

Now that we have dealt with stress as it negatively affects the immune system, we must look at the other cause – nutritional deficiencies.


Nutrients – proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and other dietary elements – are the building materials of the human body. Nothing can be created within the body without an adequate supply of nutrients. Nor is any system able to maintain itself without the proper nutrients in the correct amounts. These nutrients also help the body to defend itself. Some of the most common nutrients, such as Vitamins C and A, are essential to a good immune response.

Stress and diet are both aspects of lifestyle and may require adjustments. To deal with stress, carve out some time to exercise or meditate daily to relieve tension and rejuvenate your mind and body. To adjust your nutrition, include more fresh fruits and raw vegetables in your diet. Increase garlic, onions, celery, watercress and carrots. Decrease fried and fatty foods and curtail the amount of meat, fish and fowl you eat. Remember, a good multivitamin/multimineral formulation with meaningful amounts of nutrients can help to supply the body with the nutrition needed for the immune system.

What are you doing to bolster your immune system?

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