Acne, Aging and Attitude

We are in summer mode. The time of year when you want to look your very best. One aspect of this is your facial appearance. Whether you’re dealing with acne or wrinkles, being in the sun doesn’t help either situation. Whether you choose a product with SPF 50 or a lower SPF, you need something to diminish the harsh effects of the sun on your skin. Because the sun ages the skin, this protection is important. The cleaner the product you use for this protection, the better. Remember, whatever you put ON your skin is going to end up IN your bloodstream. This is a catch-22, because you need the protection. You can do a detox and cleanse program that will help to release anything brought into the body through the skin.


If you are dealing with acne, think about the nutrients Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Zinc. These are key nutrients that help build the skin.  What’s really happening with acne is that there are toxins in the bloodstream and your skin is the largest eliminative organ. So, your skin is sloughing off the toxins, and the microbes that live on your body are feeding off those toxins.


Wrinkles are part of the aging process, but consider antioxidants like resveratrol, pycnogenol, grape seed extract and rosemary. These are all good antioxidants. Add lots of rosemary when cooking foods, too. All of these can help to slow down the aging process. And remember the antioxidant nutrients Vitamin E and Vitamin C.  In addition, one of the key things to do is build your immune system so that it goes after any damaged cells that may be contributing to the wrinkles and the aging process.


Another way to approach skin issues is to think about and consider what you are going through in your life. Your face represents your image and there may be elements of doubt, uncertainty about self and dealing with life.  All of this and more reflects your self image — inside and out.

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