7 Super-Healthy St. Patrick’s Day Green Snacks

Some good fortunes happen due to luck, but a healthy life is something we must maintain for ourselves. And there’s no better day to promote that good health than with the Luck of the Irish on St. Patrick’s Day!

Whether you’re entertaining and want to offer better options to your guests or just want nutritious but fun foods for your kids or family to enjoy, here are some wholesome naturally green snack ideas to make for this lucky holiday.

1. Green Bell Pepper Cloves

This is an easy snack that takes a matter of seconds. Cut green bell peppers widthwise so each slice takes on the shape of a shamrock. Take 1-2 of the slices and cut each into single strips to use as the shamrock stem.

Arrange them on a plate, and serve! Offer hummus or salsa for dipping.

2. Green Shamrock Smoothie

Take a healthier spin on the shamrock shake—which is usually full of cream, sugar, corn syrup, food dyes, and other additives—by making a minty green St. Paddy’s Day-themed smoothie.

Use a recipe like this one that contains banana, spinach, almond butter, mint, and vanilla for a delicious, fun, and healthy green drink.

3. Cilantro Lime Quinoa

The greenness in this dish comes from cilantro and avocados. And bonus: it can be eaten hot or cold this season.

Cilantro lime quinoa works great as an appetizer, side dish, or add a healthy protein source to make it into a meal. If you’re not fond of quinoa, rice can be used instead.

4. Kale Chips

Kale chips are very simple yet tasty snacks—and they’re very naturally green!

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F while you rinse and tear kale leaves into bite size pieces. Spread the pieces into one layer on a baking sheet and drizzle with melted coconut oil or olive oil, sea salt, and any other spices you want.

Bake for about 10-15 minutes, watching closely until the edges are slightly brown and crispy but not burnt.


5. Baked Avocado Fries

Avocado fries are a great snack for St. Patrick’s Day parties or movie nights. They’re often fried, but you can bake them for a lower-calorie and -fat (but just as delicious) option.

Serve them with your favorite healthy dipping sauce, such as low-sugar ketchup or tomato sauce, salsa, Greek yogurt ranch dressing, or one of the dips below.

6. Healthy Green Dips

You can’t go wrong with a good dip! Dips are great St. Patrick’s Day food snacks because they’re easy to make and the right ingredients can produce a vibrant green color perfect for this holiday.

Try this Green Goddess Dip with fresh spices, Greek yogurt and feta cheese or this Healthy Leprechaun Dip that uses beans, kale, cashews, and tahini for a nutrient-rich party pleaser.

7. Rainbow Food Salad or Kabobs

Okay, these don’t contain greens, but who wouldn’t want to taste the rainbow with an assortment of fruits in every color?

Use fruits like raspberries or strawberries, oranges, pineapples, kiwi or green apples, blueberries, and grapes to make a full rainbow. Slice them up and put them on skewers or mix together for a fruit salad, and serve.

The Bottom Line

No matter what you’re planning for St. Paddy’s Day, these simple, super healthy snacks are sure to bring some extra luck this year—or they’ll make you feel so good, you’ll go out and make your own luck!

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