Summer Hair Care

The focus for many of our blog articles has been on summer and how to survive it safely! This week we’re going to cover what you should know about summer hair care.

While most of you plan to get out and either walk the kids through the zoo or attend your HIIT class, you’re likely finding that sweat is causing you to double up on your showers just so you can look presentable.

Over the years, many companies have offered several options to help you and your sweaty hair get through the day. Although they work just fine, these products potentially leave you covered in chemicals that have been proven to mess with your hormones and more.

We did some research so you can have a few options when it comes to attending an event … post-sweat session.

Summer Hair Care Basics

Avoid Frequent Washing

Here’s great news for all of you busy people. Overwashing your hair has actually been proven to potentially damage it! Yes, you read that right. Shampoo and conditioner can strip your hair of the nutrients it needs, thus keeping you from the shiny, voluptuous hair you want. So, do yourself a favor and only lather up every couple of days. If you can’t handle the oils, keep reading for more ideas on how to cope.

Blow Dryers

Even as we started researching this article, we were sure blow dryers would be part of the problem, but we found some studies that revealed just the opposite! Basically, if you just use your blow dryer on high heat, then yes, you are likely drying out and damaging your hair. However, if you can spend a little time on a strategy to blow dry your hair, it can actually be healthier than letting it air dry. Basically, you’ll want to let your hair dry naturally until it’s about 70% there. Then on the COOL setting (take your finger off the heat!) dry your hair about 6 inches away from your head. Air drying only can take time and can actually put too much weight on the hair follicles. This blow drying technique can cut down on how long it takes your hair to dry. In the end you save some time. Win - Win!!

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is an invention that, unfortunately, is riddled with toxins, build-up, and aerosols. It does soak up oil, which makes sense, but then it stays put. So, after a while, you are left with dirt, oil, and other build-up just waiting to be absorbed into your scalp. Many options on the market contain less than natural components, as well. With the recent concerns over talcum powder, you’ll want to steer clear of any products that contain this ingredient. Here are some products we found that may be good alternatives.

  1. The brand Briogeo is really making a name for itself. Instead of talcum powder, this product uses a form of charcoal.
  2. If you have sensitive or allergy prone skin, check out Captain Blankenship’s “Mermaid”. This product also contains aluminum-free baking soda, as well as arrowroot powder.

These are just a couple of cleaner brands for you to look into! Curious about your favorite brand’s “clean” rating? Use EWG’s database search here.

Another suggestion is to add one of Michael's® targeted multi-vitamins to your daily routine. Choose from gender-specific formulas specifically created for male or female, as well as age-specific formulas for teens and younger. These collections will help get you on the right path before the summer even begins!

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