The Truth About Drinking Soda

We love soda, but it works against us. Most people know that soda is unhealthy. It’s not breaking news. On the other hand, have you ever thought about or questioned if it is good for you? Food MythBusters did. This organization is a project that is dedicated to spreading “the real story of our food”. According to Food MythBusters, here are a few of the ways soda can negatively impact your health.

The first issue mentioned is asthma. Sodium benzoate has been linked to asthma. It is used as a preservative in soda and increases sodium in the body. Asthma contributes $18 billion in costs to the health care system each year, and 11 Americans die each day from asthma.

They also discovered that white, overweight males who drink a lot of soda have a tendency to develop kidney stones. High levels of phosphoric acid are found in soda and have been linked to kidney stone development.

Another result of soda sipping is weight gain. There is a strong correlation between weight gain and soda intake.  According to researchers each soda increases the risk of obesity by a factor of 1.6. Additionally, obesity goes hand-in-hand with cardiovascular disease.

With diabetes on the rise, it is wise to question soda here, too. Soda drinkers run the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

We as Americans are overfed and under nourished. Because of stress in our lives, many people indulge in sweets and soda as a way to make themselves feel better, but it only makes matter worse.

Specific ingredients in soda are thought to have a relationship with both heart disease and obesity. Ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup solids and the chemicals used to sweeten our beverages may be adversely affecting our health.

I saw a TV show on medicine a couple of years ago that centered on young men developing osteoporosis. They discovered that the phosphoric acid in soda wears down bones, putting people at an increased risk of osteoporosis. Phosphorus is a necessary mineral for bodily processes, but it should be balanced 1:1 with Calcium. The phosphoric acid in soda changes that ratio and then the body has to pull calcium from where it can (the blood, the bones, the teeth!) in order to bring the ratio back into balance. This can deprive the bones of a nutrient that contributes to bone health and strength.

More women than men are afflicted with osteoporosis. Calcium is often used by people with osteoporosis, but calcium supplements will not be as effective if the calcium is being flushed out of the body because of excess soda drinking.

Last but not least on the list is that wonderful smile of yours. The acidity of soda works to dissolve the enamel on teeth. The more soda you drink the faster the cumulative affects take place. Both a poor diet and regular soda drinking can cause the damage to occur.

Do you drink soda? Whether you drink the commercial variety or natural soda, you would be better off drinking water, teas and diluted fruit juices if you are looking for a sweet beverage.

See if you can decrease the amount of soda you are drinking on a daily level. Ask yourself: What is soda doing for me?

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