Weight Loss Naturally

Weight loss is a major topic with many ways to approach it. There are psychological concerns as well as physiological and glandular effects at work in most everyone with weight issues. Levels of stress affect weight as well. Stress depletes calcium, which disrupts the relationship between potassium and sodium, and five to 15 pounds can be gained very quickly through water retention.

Successful weight loss requires true desire and commitment to the goal. This leads to discipline, which leads to success. The most difficult aspect of weight loss is changing the diet due primarily to the myriad of emotional attachments and associations we all have with foods. Some things are hard to give up, even when we know they are detrimental to our health.

Pounds, the First To Go

The first pounds or weight that are lost are the result of excess water flushing out of the body. Water retention, or edema, is a serious health problem. It directly contributes to obesity through the weight that is gained from water. Water retention can result from several things, but it generally stems from an imbalance in the potassium-sodium relationship.

Stress can easily disturb this balance because it depletes nutrients, and calcium in this case, at an accelerated rate. If those nutrients are not replaced in meaningful amounts, problems can arise. When calcium is depleted, the potassium-sodium ratio is disturbed, causing water to be retained. In fact, a person under stress will gain five to 15 pounds almost immediately, and it will all be water. This extra water weight puts additional strain on the heart muscle and joints, and can influence emotional well-being.

Supplementation As Part Of a Weight-loss Program

In terms of incorporating natural supplements into weight-loss regimens, traditionally three basic approaches have been used:

  1. Herbs for fluid balancing
  2. Lipotropic vitamins to reduce fat levels in  the blood and aid in metabolizing fats in the liver
  3. Natural appetite suppressants to curb the craving for food

These approaches are effective, and each work well in its own right. They are great complements to a healthy diet and exercise program, which will all work together to help you get control of your weight and to maintain control. In my formulas for weight management, I use the following nutrients, amino acids, and herbs to support weight-loss programs because they support your body in burning fat, increasing basal metabolism, and balancing and flushing excess fluids from the body. Some of the best are Choline, Inositol, and Lecithin. Lecithin acts as a carrier of fat molecules and pulls them out of the body.

Another important nutrient is Iodine. It is essential for the manufacturing of thyroxin, a thyroid hormone that helps influence and regulate metabolism. Other nutrients I use are potassium because it acts to balance fluids and methionine, an amino acid that aids the body in producing choline.

The Bottom Line

If you improve your dietary choices, reduce sugar and salt, take a good fat metabolizing product to support your efforts, and exercise, you will see results.

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