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Healthy Aging

Healthy Aging

Obvious signs of the body's aging process, such as loss or greying of hair, wrinkling of skin, decreased muscle mass, and increased fat deposits, are but some of the factors of aging. There are subtle changes also, which include the slowing of the body's metabolism and the ability to maintain a constant internal environment during times of change in temperature.

While there remain several different schools of thought about the aging process, studies have been able to pinpoint one major fact that is irrefutable. The dietary needs of seniors require greater attention and the quality of diet is a major concern in the maintenance of good health.

Proper maintenance of the diet and realistic exercise programs for our older citizens are producing a group of highly active and healthy people. For this reason alone, it is important that we understand the process of aging and the role that nutrition plays in the maintenance of good health among our seniors.

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Nutrients, Diet & Lifestyle


VITAMIN B-6 is necessary for the metabolism of fats- carbohydrates-proteins.

POTASSIUM is stored almost entirely within the lean tissues, where it serves as the dominant intracellular cation (positively charged ion).

Dietary Suggestions

● Keep fresh vegetables, green drinks & whole grains in your diet.

● Have yogurt and other cultured foods in your diet.

● Drink plenty of mineral water.


● Avoid smoking to preserve tissue oxygen.

● Maintain your healthy weight.

● Take a walk daily, after your largest meal.

● To oxygenate tissue, keep flexible, and help the body clean itself of toxins, do morning breathing and stretches, preferably outside.

Healthy Aging

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