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The human body is an incredible living machine, astonishing in the way it goes through its daily chores. The harmony in which it performs these tasks is altogether illuminating and challenging.  We are able to ingest a wide variety of foods and our bodies have the innate ability to extract the nourishment we need and eliminate the refuse we do not.

This harmony is highlighted by an organ such as the stomach. It contains a powerful corrosive, hydrochloric acid, able to break down protein in order to prepare food for digestion and yet it has a lining strong enough to keep the acid contained and safe from the rest of the body. This process of digestion includes the mixing of food, acid, and digestive enzymes tightly contained in a nice little package. During a meal your stomach is manipulated by muscles to mix the food with digestive juices to break it down into infinitesimally small pieces and the valves at both ends of the stomach are closed.

Discomfort arises, however, when excessive pressure or gas builds in the stomach and acid and digestive juices escape into the esophagus. Gas in the stomach may be produced when undigested or poorly digested food begins to ferment. The end result is these acids, so effective in the stomach, are forced upward into the esophagus where they can cause discomfort to the much more delicate membranes of the esophagus or even the throat. This occasionally results in simple heartburn, acid indigestion or acid reflux.

However, this incredible machine known as our body can heal itself, restoring balance and harmony (homeostasis).

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Abies nigra:  (Boericke’s)  (Black Spruce)  A powerful remedy for gastric disturbances.

Arsenicum album:  (Boericke’s)  (Arsenious Acid)  Provides relief of occasional heartburn and acid reflux.

Condurango:  (Boericke’s)  (Condor Plant)  Stimulates the digestive functions and thus improves the general health.  Modifies secretions of digestive glands.  For relief of painful affections of the stomach.  Relieves strictures of esophagus with burning pains behind sternum where food seems to stick.  For relief of occasional burning pain in stomach.

Conium maculatum:  (Boericke’s)  (Hemlock)  A powerful remedy for occasional nausea, acid heartburn and acid indigestion. 

Iris versicolor: (Boericke’s) (Blue Flag):  For relief of occasional burning of whole alimentary canal. 

Magnesia carbonica:(Boericke’s) (Carbonate of Magnesia)  Especially for marked acidity and  gastro-intestinal mucous.

Robinia pseudoacacia:  (Boericke’s) (Yellow Locust)  Occasional gastric symptoms with pronounced acidity, colic, flatulence, burning pains in stomach, constipation with urgent desire.  For relief of acrid belching.  For relief of incarcerated flatus.   For relief of distention of stomach and bowels.  Relieves slow digestion.  Digestion of starch is perverted. 

Sulphuricum acidum:  (Boericke’s) (Sulphuric Acid)  Especially for the relief of occasional heartburn and sour belching.

Proteases, including Papain and Trypsin (to aid in the digestion of protein)

Amylase (for the digestion of starches and carbohydrates)

Lipase (to digest fats)

Bromelain (digests protein)

Anise and Fennel (digestive bitters)

Dietary Suggestions

● To help balance digestion, intake cabbage, beans, dried fruit, bagels, and onions.

● Avoid spicy, acid forming, and fatty foods.

● Avoid red meat and fried foods.

● Eat cultured foods like yogurt.

● Eat foods in high figer like whole grains, raw fruits and vegetables.

● Avoid caffeine and sodas.


● Daily exercises.

● Draw your knees to your chest, while lying on your back to relieve abdominal pressure.

● Eat smaller meals.

● Avoid smoking during meals.


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