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Muscle Support

Muscle Support

Enzymes catalyze or drive nearly every biochemical reaction in our bodies.  This means that enzymes are directly involved in every system in our bodies including the digestive, cardiovascular, immune and hormonal. 

Enzymes play a vital role in supporting and maintaining optimal health.  These enzyme activities include the promotion and maintenance of microcirculation throughout the body as well as normal, healthy fluid levels within the joints.

Proteins are broken down by enzymes called proteases.  Proteolytic enzymes are a special class of protease enzymes.  Protein fragments can be debris left over from the body’s natural inflammatory response to infection, injury or allergy.  Proteolytic enzymes can break down or neutralize these protein fragments. 

Proteolytic enzymes have been researched extensively for many years.  Research supports the many health-supporting applications for these enzymes, including exercise-related issues.

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Nutrients, Diet & Lifestyle


Papain - from Papaya and Bromelain, from Pineapple for added proteolytic enzymatic support, protein digestion

Rutin - a flavonoid for support and integrity of tissues, an antioxidant that may inhibit depletion of glutathione.  Protects the intestinal mucosa and the cardiovascular system because of antioxidant properties.

Dietary Suggestions

● Lean towards a vegetarian lifestyle- eat more fruits, vegetables (organic is ideal).

● Eat a daily, fresh green salad.

● Reduce sugars, saturated fats & salts.

● Avoid sodas, caffeine, alcohol & tobacco.


● Get daily, mild exercise.

● Have a love of life.

● Indulge in laughter.

● Practice hot & cold hydrotherapy for better circulation.

● Utilize Chiropractics, massage & shiatsu therapies.

● Practice breathing exercises.

● Get daily sunlight for the production of Vitamin D.