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 Although testosterone is the "stuff" that makes men act "like men," women also produce and utilize this androgen in lesser amounts.

Testosterone stimulates metabolism and increases muscular strength. It accelerates tissue growth and stimulates blood flow.

It is essential for normal sexual behavior and the occurrence of erections, and normal growth and development of male accessory sexual organs. It also affects many other metabolic activities.

All steroid hormones in humans, including testosterone, are derived from cholesterol.  Hormones function in a complex hierarchy. For example, although it is a steroid hormone, testosterone relies on other hormones to activate its production. Consequently, testosterone production depends on the endocrine system's efficiency.

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Nutrients, Diet & Lifestyle


Vitamin C has a co-enzymatic function in metabolism of amino acids and biosynthesis of steroid hormones, such as testosterone.

Pantothenic acid has a role in synthesizing choline, cholesterol, phospholipids and steroid hormones. If this vitamin is low, the result will be lower levels of co-enzyme A, necessary for energy production.  In turn, this will affect synthesis of cholesterol, a precursor to testosterone.

Niacin participates in the synthesis of fat and cholesterol, the raw material used for testosterone production.

Arginine, an essential amino acid, is a building block for enzymes, hormones, vitamins and structural proteins.

Dietary Suggestions

● Remove junk, chemical and processed foods from your diet.

● Maintain a high vegetable protein intake.

● Avoid red meats.

● Avoid meat with nitrates.

● Reduce dietary salts and sugars.


● Practice relaxation techniques.

● Get regular exercise.


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