Help! Why am I losing hair?

Hair loss can have a few different causes. There is the genetic “Male Pattern Baldness” type of hair loss, as well as autoimmune causes.

Something that you may have never thought about, however, is the possibility that hair loss could be caused by either poor circulation to the scalp or by stress.

1. Poor Circulation

In the case of poor circulation, the hair follicles are not getting enough blood to their roots. Of course, this assumes that your diet is healthy and your blood stream is loaded with life-promoting nutrients. Because your diet is probably less than ideal in terms of nutrients, I recommend taking a high potency daily multivitamin or a high potency formula for whatever your concern may be.

One way to help circulation is with niacin. It is a vasodilator, which means it will open your vascular system in order to provide adequate blood flow to every cell.  Two other nutrients to consider are choline and inositol for their fat metabolizing properties.

2. Stress

Consider the effects of stress. For most it is a matter of stress causing a muscular constriction around the vascular system. This constriction does two things in the body. First, it reduces blood flow volume to an area, in this case the scalp. Second, it causes a rise in blood pressure.

The best approach to take depends on what you think is the cause of your hair loss. Nourish the adrenals because these are the ‘stress centers’ of the body, and work with vasodilators, like niacin, and fat metabolizers, like choline and inositol.

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